Vocational Education

Through our Enhanced Outpatient Program, clients are able to explore vocational and educational opportunities while gaining hands-on experience that will assist them in obtaining and maintaining employment. All clients complete a variety of tests to identify their individual strengths and interests.

The following programs are offered by the Vocational Rehabilitation component of the Clinic:

  • Employment and Recovery Support Group
  • GED Classes
  • Job Club
  • Job Preparation
  • Life Skills Group
  • Study Skills
  • Paying jobs and Volunteer Placement Assistance

Selective job placement with support and guidance, our Agency’s Vocational Rehabilitation Program helps recovering chemically dependent individuals return to the workplace after careful exploration and counseling. Our services provide prospective employers with qualified employees who have maintained a minimum of 6-months of sobriety and who participate in: screening, assessment, and job-readiness training including communication and interpersonal relation in an employment setting; follow-up support services after job placement.

Our service doesn’t end with placement. Our clients remain in work support groups and maintain contact with their vocational rehabilitation counselor once employment has begun. This provides them with a knowledgeable support network able to help navigate the return to work. Our counselors are also available to employers and can help to mediate problems if they arise.