School Based Programs

The Prevention department of the Council on Addiction Recovery Services is dedicated to providing quality classroom programs that can be tailored to meet the needs of individual schools. Our Prevention Specialists utilize evidence-based curricula to provide students with age-appropriate information and the living skills necessary for a lifetime of protection from substance abuse.

Too Good for Violence and Drugs
(TGFD/V – Kindergarten through High School)

Too Good for Drugs (TGFD) is a school-based prevention program for kindergarten through 12th grade that builds on a students’ resiliency by teaching them how to be socially competent and autonomous problem solvers.  This evidence-based curriculum focuses on developing personal and interpersonal skills to :

    • Resist peer pressures.
    • Set and achieve goals.
    • Make healthy decisions.
    • Bond with others.
    • Manage emotions.
    • Communicated effectively.
  • Demonstrate respect for self and others.

TGFD also provides information about the negative consequences of substance use and the benefits of a non-violent, drug-free lifestyle.

TGFD has a developmentally appropriate curriculum for each grade level from kindergarten to eighth grade, with a separate high school curriculum that can be used for students in grades nine through twelve.  The high school lessons are a combination of Too Good for Drugs and Too Good for Violence.

Too Good for Violence(TGFV) is a companion program for TGFD.  The curriculum for kindergarten through eighth grade is designed to enhance prosocial behaviors and skills and improve protective factors related to conflict and violence.

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