Prevention Needs Assessment Survey



“The purpose of this survey is to gather information needed to plan important prevention and intervention programs to combat such problems as alcohol, tobacco, other drug use, and violence in our schools and communities. It also helps schools, districts, counties, regions, and the state judge the effectiveness of current prevention and intervention efforts. The survey also includes risk and protective factors, which are attitudes, behaviors, and opinions that research has shown to be highly correlated with these health behaviors. The information gained from these surveys will allow prevention planners at all levels to continue to provide comprehensive prevention programs for schools and children.”


  • There is no cost to the district
  • A district-level, comprehensive report is provided after survey administration
  • Survey results can be used for grant writing, program/school safety planning, or other district needs
  • Pupil-level data remain anonymous
  • Sensitive questions are not included (e.g., questions about sexuality)
  • District-level results are not shared by the coalition
  • Assistance is provided for survey administration
  • The survey is available via hard copy or online
  • District participation contributes to a comprehensive county-wide assessment

Cattaraugus County Profile Report – Click Here