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Why should your business have an EAP for your employees?

Problems of a personal nature can have an adverse effect on an employee's job, health, and well-being. EAP Services is designed to address problems in the workplace, improve productivity, and enhance the general health of employees. Our EAP is a cost effective, confidential, early intervention employee assistance program designed to aid all businesses and organizations.


How much will it cost my business to subscribe to EAP Services?

Depending on the number of employees you have, EAP Services is just pennies a day. However, based on many studies, you may find that by having an EAP available for your employees, you may actually gain back more than your investment. It is estimated that for every dollar spent on an EAP, between $5 and $15 is saved. Plus, if the cost of hiring and training a new employee is considered, you potentially can save thousands by retaining your experienced employee.

What makes our EAP Services different from other EAP programs?

When you call EAP Services for assistance, you have the option of meeting face to face with one of our EAP specialists. This personal and confidential session can be at your location, or at one of our offices or satellite sites. Plus, because our EAP Services main focus is businesses within the Western Southern Tier, we can provide excellent, personal customer service for you and your employees.

What other benefits will my business receive with EAP Services?

EAP Services will conduct three employee education sessions per year. One session will familiarize employees with services offered by our EAP Services, with an emphasis on confidentiality procedures. The remaining two sessions will cover topics chosen by your company: Click HERE for Workplace Workshops.

Sessions will be scheduled at your convenience to maximize employee attendance.

Our EAP specialists will review existing disciplinary procedures, particularly procedures relating to substance abuse, and make recommendations to management regarding policies with ensure appropriate levels of intervention and effective job performance. We will also assist companies in drafting comprehensive substance abuse prevention policies, which will coincide with existing legislation and humane practices.

EAP Services will provide one management-training seminar per year to educate managers on the benefits of EAP Services to a company; how to utilize EAP Services for cause-related referrals; how to conduct reintegration procedures; and how to effectively address concerns with employees.

At your request, we will facilitate a discussion on the issue of employee drug testing and assist your company in developing a philosophy and procedure, which best fits the needs of your company.

We will also, at no additional cost, participate in company wellness days or other similar presentations. We will also provide paycheck stuffers for your business that address health and wellness concerns. A quarterly publication will also be available in hard copy as well as electronically on our website containing an overview on specific health issues with a list of community resources that provide further information and services related to those issues.

How do I sign up my business for EAP Services?
>Call our office at (716) 373-5140 today for a free, no obligation consultation to find out how much EAP Services can benefit your business today!




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