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  1. Have you ever felt the need to bet more and more money?
  2. Have you ever had to lie to people important to you about how much you gambled?

If you answered "yes" to either one of these questions, you might have a problem with gambling. Call us for a confidential evaluation at 716-373-4303 today or call the Addiction Services 24-Hour helpline at 1-877-8-HOPE NY (1-877-846-7369).

Who Are Problem Gamblers?

Problem gamblers come from many backgrounds. They can be rich or poor, young or old. Problem gambling can affect people of every race, every religion and every education and income level. It happens in small towns or big cities.

To them, gambling has become an addiction - like an addiction to alcohol or drugs. Problem gamblers find it extremely difficult to stop gambling. They believe they can "beat the odds" - even when their entire world begins to fall apart.

Gambling Addiction
Gambling Addiction in the United States costs society approximately $5 billion per year and an additional billion in lifetime costs for productivity reductions, social services, and creditor losses. However, these calculations are inadequate to capture the intra-familial costs of divorce and family disruption associated with problem and pathological gambling.

When they can't stop, they:

  • lose their money - all of it:
  • lose their jobs - more than once;
  • lose their families - it happens;
  • lose their lives - it's true.

The effects of gambling addiction are as devastating as alcohol or drug addictions. Unless treated, the compulsive gambler's betting activity will reach the point where it compromises, disrupts, and destroys his or her personal life, family relationships, professional, or vocational pursuits and financial security. Neglect or abuse of children, spouse or partner, divorce, bankruptcy, poverty, arrest and/or imprisonment, mental breakdown of suicide are all likely outcomes of gambling addiction.

Fortunately, problem gambling is a treatable disorder. Intervention can prevent the inevitable downward spiral and return the individual and their families to healthy, happy, and productive lives.

CAReS has specially trained addictions professionals who can help get your life back on track.

Call 716-373-4303 to schedule a confidential appointment. We have three convenient locations to serve you.

Click here to find a Gamblers Anonymous meeting in New York State

Gambling Addiction



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